Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Live Traffic on Phnom Penh Road

Ezecom sponsored four live traffic points in Phnom Penh City where we can access it on internet using high speed internet connection. Slow connection seems doesn't work well but still can try @ livecams traffic.
  1. The first Point live from the river front 
  2. The second point live from Toulkork traffic light in front of the tax building 
  3. The third point live from Mao Tsetung blvd near Intercon hotel 
  4. The fourth point live from the new built bridge at Monivong bridge
Image captured from
Anyone hates this busy hours for the traffic is not fun at all. Jams almost everywhere on the road, you might want to try moving 7am to 8am and 5pm to 6pm then you'll know.